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FireDrums is the original Flow-Arts and Fire-Dancing gathering.

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FireDrums 2018 will be held in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, about 3 hours east of San Francisco.  More info to be available on EventBrite with ticket sales https://www.eventbrite.com/e/firedrums-2018-tickets-39242324850.



Prepare to show your valid photo I.D. to greeters at the event gate. The name under which you purchase your ticket should match the name on your photo I.D. Please do not purchase tickets under a nickname that bears no resemblance to your name on your photo I.D. It will delay or prevent your entry into FireDrums if the greeters are unable to clearly match you with your ticket.  No tickets will be sold at the gate.


Each person in your vehicle must have their own FireDrums ticket purchased in their name to check-in and be allowed on site. If everyone in your car does not have a purchased FireDrums ticket, no one in the vehicle may enter the event.


FireDrums does not allow in and out driving privileges. Once you are checked in to the event, you may not exit and return during the event.


All attendees must wear a FireDrums dog tag issued at the greeter station upon entry. Dog tags must be worn at all times during FireDrums. If you do not have a dog tag, you will be escorted out of the event. Anyone in possession of a dog tag that has been altered in any way will be ejected from FireDrums without a refund.


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FireDrums is a camping event. All camping is walk-in tent camping. You should be prepared to carry all of your personal camping gear from parking areas to nearby tent camping areas.


Vehicles over 15 feet in length cannot be accommodated at FireDrums. Please contact grounds@firedrums.org if you have questions about vehicles at FireDrums.


If you have questions or concerns regarding accessibility for those with disabilities, please contact us at grounds@firedrums.org to discuss parking and camping options.


FireDrums is a Leave No Trace event. You must bring your own garbage bags to carry out any trash and recyclables you generate. Trash service will not be available. Pack it in, pack it out. Your cooperation in keeping the venue clean will allow FireDrums to return to the venue in the future.


More information regarding site amenities will be posted later this year.



For your enjoyment, health, safety and comfort, please do not forget to bring the following items:

  • Your photo id (check and check again before you leave the house. This is your ticket!)
  • Your toys and tools and white gas
  • Everything you need for an outdoor weekend:
    • tent, sleeping bag (rated for 30′s), sleeping pad
    • several days worth of clothing, warm gear (it will be cold at night)
    • sunscreen, a hat for the sun, lip balm, sunglasses
    • rain gear
    • towels
    • personal items, e.g. toiletries, ear plugs
  • Enough food, beverages, and water and/or cash for meals from food vendors. Don’t forget to get ice on the way in. And you’ll probably want a water bottle.
  • Trash bags to “Leave No Trace” (Pack it in, pack it out!!!)
  • Headlamp/flashlight (it’s very dark at night! – bring an extra)
  • A First-Aid kit and/or any medication you need.
  • Cash for use with the merchandise and food vendors
  • Camp chair
  • Camera / video camera
  • Performing clothes (if you are so inclined)



Please do NOT bring the following items to FireDrums:

  • No alcohol
  • No illegal drugs or substances
  • No animals
  • No individual campfires
  • No fireworks
  • No firearms or other weapons (you will be ejected from FireDrums) Exceptions are martial arts tools used for performance purposes only.
  • No vehicles over 15 feet in length (without approval in advance from grounds@firedrums.org)



Food vendors will be attending FireDrums but it is also advisable to bring your own provisions including a method for storing and cooking any food that requires it.  There won’t be ice for sale at the event.  There will be no communal kitchen and individual campfires will not be allowed.  Small camping stoves are allowed.


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