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FireDrums is the original Flow-Arts and Fire-Dancing gathering.

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Photographers and videographers have captured some amazing images at previous FireDrums gatherings. We welcome anyone wishing to photograph and video, but we request that all images captured at the gathering be made available for viewing on this web site. So, please email us with a link to your FireDrums photos or video.


RULES: Please be courteous and aware that a flash can be very distracting to someone performing. As well, some people want their privacy and simply do not wish to be photographed or videoed. Therefore, the FireDrums rule is YOU MUST ASK PERMISSION before taking someone’s picture or video. If you wish to be a part of the ‘Image’ team, please send your name, contact information and type of camera to images@firedrums.org.


Below, you’ll find videos and photos from past years of FireDrums.



FireDrums – 2012:

FireDrums – 2011:


FireDrums – 2010:


FireDrums VI – 2009:


FireDrums 2008:


FireDrums 2008 Sage Interview:




FireDrums VI ~ Spring 2008  (Cutter Scout Reservation)

FireDrums V ~ Spring 2007  (Cutter Scout Reservation)

FireDrums IV ~ Fall 2006  (Cutter Scout Reservation)

FireDrums III ~ Spring 2006  (Cutter Scout Reservation)

FireDrums II ~ Spring 2005  (Red White and Blue Beach)