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FireDrums is the original Flow-Arts and Fire-Dancing gathering.

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General Questions
~ All questions and suggestions not addressed below
~ info@firedrums.org


~ For volunteer questions
~ volunteers@firedrums.org


Greeting Station
~ For greeter questions
~ greeters@firedrums.org


Fire Safety
~ General field and fire safety questions
~ firesafety@firedrums.org


~ For questions about the venue accommodations
~ grounds@firedrums.org


First Aid
~ Volunteering and General Questions
~ firstaid@firedrums.org


~ Questions regarding vending
~ vendors@firedrums.org


~ Photos, videos and official D video.
~ media@firedrums.org


~ Questions, volunteering and information regarding workshops
~ workshops@firedrums.org


~ Questions about the fire circle music
~ music@firedrums.org


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Frequently Asked Questions



• Will tickets sell out?

Yes, we do anticipate that tickets will sell out prior to the event.

• Will I get a physical ticket in the mail?

No.  A list of ticket-holders will be at the Greeters station at the event.  Simply bring your valid photo ID.  Be sure that the name used to purchase the ticket is the same as that on your photo ID.

• Where is the ticket waitlist?

There will be no FireDrums ticket waitlist this year. Once tickets go on sale, they will be available until supply is gone.

• I bought a ticket and am no longer able to attend the event.  How do I best find a person in need of a ticket?

If you purchase a ticket and find you are no longer able to attend FireDrums, please locate a buyer for your extra ticket(s) via the FireDrums Facebook Group Forum and arrange a transfer of funds between you. Then, directly transfer your ticket from your FireDrums account to their FireDrums account.

• How do I transfer a ticket I bought to someone else?

Use Eventbrite’s ticket transfer functionality. Contact their 24 hour support if you need assistance.


• Where is FireDrums being held?

More information regarding the venue for FireDrums XIII is posted on the Venue page.

• What should I do if the vehicle I want to bring to FireDrums is greater than 15 feet in length?

Please email grounds@firedrums.org to discuss possible parking options. There is a very limited amount of space for parking large vehicles. Do not show up at FireDrums with a large RV, bus, or other oversized vehicle without receiving clearance from FireDrums staff well in advance of the event.


• Do I need to bring my own fuel to FireDrums?

Attendees are encouraged to donate to the fueling depot the amount of fuel that they estimate they will use during their time at FireDrums. If fuel supplies become low, a call out to the community during the festival for additional donations will be made. Lamp oil and white gas are the most commonly used fuels at FireDrums. Please see the Fire Safety section of the website for more information.


• How do I apply to play music at FireDrums?

If you are interested in offering your talent to the FireDrums event, please post a sample of your music performance or DJ mix at http://soundcloud.com/groups/firedrums-music and contact music@firedrums.org


• What do I need to do if I want to be a vendor at FireDrums?

Vendor applications for FireDrums XIII are now closed.  A list of vendors will be posted on the Vending page prior to the event.


• Why do I have to complete volunteer shifts at FireDrums?

Everyone who attends FireDrums is asked to volunteer for two shifts to contribute to the community. This helps keep ticket prices lower when everyone pitches in. Plus, FireDrums has always been an event for the fire community by the fire community. Volunteering makes the success of FireDrums everyone’s success. You can sign up to volunteer on the Volunteers page.